Learning Whether California Online Casino are Legal or Not

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With the laws prohibiting brick and mortar waging establishments in some states of America, many players turn their attention to the online market and find some of the best California online casinos that would be worth placing their bets on. However, before you immediately jump into a casino and play the array of games they offer through their provider, it is important that you first ask the question, 'Are online casinos legal in California?'.

In essence, the answer to this question is a resounding yes, but before you jump into action and start searching for sites to bet on, it is best that you first learn more about the US online gambling laws which govern the California market here on BlackSheepCasino. By understanding how these laws work, you can move about in the market with more ease and confidence, since you'll know exactly what you should do and what you shouldn't to stay within the boundaries of the law. Make sure that you review the laws first, and this is going to be the first step on your journey in a more satisfying waging experience today.

US Online Gambling Laws

Are online Casinos legal in California? If you review the laws governing the state of California and its people, you'll see that it is devoid of any law that prohibits online gambling casinos. This means that it is indeed possible to play in these establishments, with the assumption that the site you'll play in, should be legally operating in your area. They should be licensed by a Regulatory authority which allows players from California to have a bite out of the games and offers rendered by that particular site.

Age Requirements

Another thing that should be noted is that despite the lack of laws regarding the prohibition of web-based waging, it is still clearly stated as to who could play on such sites. It is important to point out that as long as you are 18, you can already have your time channelling your luck into the lottery and cross your fingers in the hopes that you'll win life-changing rewards.

At 18, you are only allowed to play the lottery and not the online casino games on offer. You could only revel in these web-based betting establishment games when you reach the age of 21. Do keep this in mind to ensure that you would not find yourself in some snag that may end up putting you in a predicament against the law.


You should also note that aside from the starting of a business deemed as illegal, another thing in the USA online gambling laws that you should focus on, is the fact that you should report your revenues earned from wages. Yes, you would have to report your revenues and not doing so can be deemed as evading your taxes or responsibility as a person of the state. Of course, it is best that you still clarify this law from the government itself and learn of its specifics, for you to have a better idea of what you should and shouldn't do.

California Online Casino

Fortunately for you, there's a pretty long list of web-based establishments available in this state. Not to mention, even poker rooms and sportsbooks are legal on the state, making it a lot easier for you to choose sites that you could play in.

As for land-based vs online games , some of the top establishments that you should go to while in the state, are Betway, Bet365, Pinnacle, Intertops and more. These four are highly trusted, and renowned brands in the market and are also known for intuitive interfaces, swift and seamless transactions along with a solid list of gaming and betting options for even the most demanding and pickiest wagers out there.

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