People still enjoy California online poker despite legal debates

As of this year, no law has been submitted to regulate California online poker as far as Black Sheep Casino is aware of. Nothing has been legislated so there are no definite limits, and such is the case for most states too. This form of entertainment is not prohibited per se - there isn't a single law that specifically bans its citizens from engaging in such recreational activity and it appears that no authoritative body is running after players of internet games. There is a clamor for making a legal basis for California online gambling and it is hoped it will happen in the near future. Betting matches in the state can be traced back during the Gold Rush days. Those who came to California who also discovered gold liked putting their money on games. San Francisco is the center for these activities - along with other establishments, saloons were often the place to wager - but other areas had their own establishments too. Both local and state governments charged these centers with fees but it was stopped by the end of 1850 when new batches of immigrants wished for it to stop. It was only poker that survived when banked betting were banned during 1860. However, it wasn't regulated strictly. It is very probable that any law passed in the state will only be about this card game on the internet. Initially, the state may require that only its residents can access sites on the internet but they would possibly form partnerships with other states.

During 1984, the Gaming Restriction Act was enacted in California to regulate card rooms that put up business in the area. However, it stipulated that the Attorney General only has limited power as well as funding to regulate. In 1997, the Gambling Control Act had been passed to resolve that issue. Moreover, the Bureau of Gambling Control was created along with the California Gambling Control Commission, which was a five-member body appointed individually by the governor. The Bureau's task was to monitor operations; on the other hand, it was the Commission's duty to establish regulating standards for the industry. After three years, casinos were allowed in Indian reservations.

California online poker was first discussed in 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. Right now, people could play in card lounges including at Indian establishments. But the debate for the future of this game and casinos on the internet in general is still under debate.

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